Monday, January 7, 2008

Manly Man is in the House

Writing is not my strongest suit. Just like practical arts, but thats another story. Here is my attempt at trying to write something, but first an introduction.

I am Vinny Ibarra, a lawyer by profession (But don't take that against me) and a part time University teacher. I work for a broadcasting company, I am married and I have a six year old daughter. This blog will be my treatise to manhood.

To my feminist freinds, please do not think that this blog is sexist or is bluntly aimed at your movement. I respect your views. I do not think that I belong to the superior gender. I also do not believe in "men roles" and "women roles".

To my Homosexual friends, please do not take this blog as the work of a Homophobe. I am not gay---but I'm willing to learn (joke). Please try to understand that I am heterosexual, so I do not understand some of the things that you go through. If this blog offends you, let me know, I will listen.

So, let's get started.



  1. Welcome to the blogging community Pinsang Bining!

  2. Salamat Lattex. Will try to keep this from sounding serious.

  3. Yeah, baby! Blogging is a great way to lose (or loose) steam. Like what I do... only I'm a lot more serious. hehe.

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  5. Welcome to blogging! I deleted my previous comment due to a serious typo that would turn my comment into an ad for a celfone retailer.

    best regards.

  6. Hey Punzi:

    Salamat. Meron pa tayong music special project. hehehe