Thursday, April 2, 2009

Metrosexual ?

Allow me to bash the increasingly funny phenomenon of the Metro sexual male. Supposedly, Metrosexual men are men (wipe that smile off your face) who are conscious of their appearance and grooming and are cultured and sensitive and most of all heterosexual. Mass media glorifies the Metrosexual purportedly because they are the market of choice for all sorts of consumer products.

Reminds me of our definition of the “Man of the ‘90s” we used to kick around (Thank you Atty. Marvin Aceron and Atty. Punzi Punzalan). The man of the ‘90’s is supposed to be sensitive—but not gay. I guess the “Man of the ‘90s” is the prototype for our Metrosexual man.

First a quick disclaimer, I don’t go to “unisex” saloons and loyally see my manly barber for my shaves and haircuts. I don’t highlight my hair or get a manicure or a pedicure for that matter. Whenever I feel the need for a massage, it would be the rough kind offered by my barber or by my ever-loyal Romy the Human Spa.

The arch-type for a Manly man hygiene is the one that you see in Army barracks: simple, functional and sanitary.

Simple because all you need are the basic stuff like soap and shampoo and deodorant. Functional because it gets the job done. Sanitary? Ever wonder why soldier’s haircut are short? It’s actually to control parasites. I am happy with my once a month haircut and my once or twice a week shave.

Whitening products? I think that I am well-adjusted enough to see that nature intended my epidermis to be dark. Had it been otherwise, perhaps it would not have allowed me to be born a few hundred miles from the equator. Any fifth grader will tell you that nature’s selection of skin type is a function of climate and geography and not a function of vanity.

As I said before, if you need to whiten your skin to feel good, then perhaps you are better off talking to your shrink rather than Dr. Vicki Bello. And did I mention that there is no hard scientific link to whitening and gluthathione? And besides, I really can live without seeing my manly nipples turn pinkish-red. Whatever happened to tall, dark, and handsome? Reality check here, I think that if your problem is related to your dark skin, then you have a self-esteem problem. Simply stated: you have the self-esteem of a eunuch in a male stripper convention.

Clothes? I subscribe to the Rodney Dangerfield school of dressing (No, thanks GQ). I get no respect. Color coordination is basic and I have no use for neon colored shirts. My office pants and barong are made in the finest tailoring shops in Kamuning Market. I really hate it when another man wear a tight and shinny black shirt—with their nipples popping out. Someone once remarked that I dress up like “an off-duty parish priest”.

So what is my take on this Metrosexual thingy? I have no problem with encouraging men to be healthy, sanitary and to be well-groomed. But the Manly Man is never a vain man.


  1. Damn right! Fully agree 100000%!

    I never did use astringents (sp?) and other "pam-pa-pogi" stuff, (which is a reason why I'm scarred for life and look ugly as hell hehehe), and honestly find it a bit uneasy seeing a man looking at himself waaaaaaaaay too long at the mirror.

    Sure, women like their men looking nice and clean and all that. But a lot of today's men are all show (i.e., Metrosexual) and no substance. What I hate most are those who strut around looking like God's gift to women and then when they speak or act, epic fail - BWUHAHAHAHA!

    Hell, I recall I was inside the family van which had reflectorized (sp?) tint. And outside, some highschool boys used the van's windows as a mirror not knowing I was inside. Every five seconds or so they'd look at the window and fidget and fix their hair. Daig pa ang mga babae.

    Metrosexuals should have their ManCards revoked.

  2. Metrosexuals seem to be an after effect of the Asian culture of male vanity. Ever seen that Time magazine article talking about how Asian males spend on beauty perks? Here:

    I'm tempted to say it's an Asian thing, and the Time article says Asian males have worn makeup ever since ancient times. But the west is getting creeped into by the east, or those closet gays finally came out of the woodwork and spread their wings (and their culture). And so we have those Metrosexuals.

    But then again, gays seem so influential these days... :/